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Hi, my name is Hadas and I am a Professor at the school of mechanical engineering, faculty of engineering, Tel-Aviv University (TAU), Israel; and the head of the Environmental Engineering Program and the WE lab. I am also the IUVA co-Vice President for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; and Chair of the IUVA UN Sustainable Development Goals Task Force.

I am an environmental engineer with a deep passion for developing sustainable technologies for purifying water in the most difficult and complex setting. My research focuses on the development of novel technologies for water treatment by disinfection and oxidation of contaminated water and wastewater and by conversion of waste (agriculture, paper, and textile waste) to biofuels, by using solar, UV, and visible photons, free radicals, oxidants, nanoparticles, and multifunctional materials. I am mostly interested in decentralized, effective, scalable, point-of-use (POU) systems suitable for providing safe water in rural areas and capital-challenged countries.


Contradictory and intricate feelings are ignited including deep distress, pain, frustration, and anger, by the environmental global damage. I learned to reconnect to my spiritual self and I understood that a real impact can be made only by combining science, passion, emotions, and commitment. I believe that change can happen in the world only if we stop being apathetic as a society to the pain of others, and realize that we must and can take action now to save the global water and climate crisis. During my sabbatical in IIT Madras 2018-2019 (Indian Institute of Technology), Chennai, India, I have focused on the treatment of leachate from open dumps and the development of multifunctional materials for water treatment.

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