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Guiding our research are several principles, which show our approach:

Startup and competitions


SoLED offers an end-to-end water disinfection and management platform with its smart connected devices and fleet management dashboard. No need to connect to a power source- simply connect to a water pipe and drink!

Pilots over Papers

Bilateral and Multidisciplinary Collaborations

Design for

Close Every

We believe impact is more important than impact factors, and while many of our papers are published in top tier journals, the objective of every research project is ultimately to bring an innovative technology to the real world. We have a broad array of pilot studies, both in Israel and around the world, in particular in India and Tanzania.

Our focus in forming partnerships is always practical: how can we collaborate to build projects with demonstrable potential for future adoption. To this end, we work with partners who don’t just share our vision, but who can demonstrate both the ability and the desire to bring new innovations into the real world in Israel and around the globe. In Israel, we advanced MSc in developing countries to address this goal

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A significant proportion of our research focuses on technologies relevant for economically underdeveloped regions and communities for a simple reason: the basic water treatment problems are always the most urgent problems to solve. This is an approach that requires time in the field. 

At our core, we research and develop engineering processes, and we look to engineer processes that bring us closer to the sustainable ideal: a totally circular economy. Every existing waste material is an opportunity for innovation, and every wasteful process is an opportunity for improvement. 

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