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The WE Lab

Water Energy

Prof. Hadas Mamane passion and mission is to develop sustainable technologies

We integrate, research, diversify, adapt, dream and connect to the global crisis

Our Research

Prof. Hadas Mamane research focuses on the development of novel technologies for water and wastewater treatment by disinfection and oxidation of contaminants and by conversion of waste to valuable products, using solar, UV, and visible photons, free radicals, oxidants, nanoparticles, and multifunctional materials. Our lab is mostly interested in decentralized, effective, scalable, point-of-use (POU) systems suitable for providing safe water in rural areas and low-income settings.

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To disinfect water using UV-LEDs

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OUR MISSION - Hadas Mamane Laboratory


Guiding our research are several principles, which serve well as a general introduction to our approach: 

Pilots over Papers. We believe impact is more important than impact factors.

Bilateral Collaborations. Our focus in forming partnerships is always practical: how can we collaborate to build projects with demonstrable potential for future adoption.

Design Sustainable Technologies. We focus on developing technologies relevant for low-middle income regions and communities.

Close Every Loop. At our core, we research and develop engineering processes, and we look to engineer processes that bring us closer to the sustainable ideal: a totally circular economy.  

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